Low-tech fitness gear does not need to be charged

Connectivity now has consumer tech rules, and this is particularly true when it comes to fitness.

Although you work out in your bedroom alone, if you submit your workout data to your MyFitnessPal or Strava public account, you can feel like it is always an audience. Knowing that people are looking at your work can be a driving force and help keep you accountable, but it might sometimes just be helpful to turn things off and unplug.

We get back to basics and simplify your home equipment by collecting a number of simple, low-tech instruments to keep you in shape at home. In this process, the name of the game is to spend more time working out and less time dealing with dead devices and pairing problems.

Watch Multi-Function
Say “goodbye” to your Apple Watch or Fitbit! Instead of charging any gym on your bedside stand, a single no-frills, digital multifunction watch can take care of anything you would need and only needs a new battery every ten or so years. Most include a stopwatch function which is useful to set time, has a split function, is ultra sturdy, water-resistant and extremely readable.

If you want the best in these characteristics, the pioneer in the digital watch industry loves us. Casio’s G-SHOCK line comes in a wide selection of advance styles that are great for fitness fanatics.

Foam scooter
Maybe no item is more crucial than a modest foam roller in this list. They have become a fixture in the world’s equipment arsenals, and for good cause. Daily rolling of foam is helpful for recuperation, which helps eliminate discomfort and inflammation and increases mobility.

Foam roller tech is quite easy and we are admirers of the foam rollers of TriggerPoint, available in different sizes and materials depending on how much your session you want to hurt.

Why buy a full set of strollers and other high-tech workout equipment that take up precious room in your own home when almost as many workouts can be made with one kettlebell? Kettlebells are as basic as they are in the gym (mostly a metal “ball” with a handle) and highlight how it helps to increase strength, balance and flexibility. Kettlebells from Onnit Labs are now incredibly popular and available in both classic designs and interesting castings that look like the monkey heads.

Jump Rope Weighted
No, jumping cord is not only for recessed elementary school children! The training is known for its health benefits, and naturally it takes these advantages to the next level utilizing a weighted jumping rope. It’s a full-body no-tech training that is fantastic for everything from core strength to cardiac health—began today with a 10-minute jump cable training.

Board of Balance
If you don’t know a balance board, it is basically a molded plastic roller and a wooden deck for the exercise of instability (yes, it doesn’t have to be plugged in). They resurged late, mainly because of its mobility and usefulness in enhancing coordination, balance, posture and core strength.

The Indo board is a tried and tested classic and includes an instructive training sheet and a DVD to assist you take advantage of each session.

Maximum shoes running
Running shoes clearly come in all different forms and dimensions. But we would argue that we think the “maximum” shoes will remain here from all the new fads and trends.

Neither is it surprising—maximum shoes are built in the sole with additional “foam,” helping to shield runners from the constant punching that comes with running down sidewalks and other paved surfaces. Not only does it help prevent shin splits and other running injuries, but it can also assist avoid fatigue to let you run longer and longer.

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